• 30 gram piece of konbu
  • 100 grams bonito shavings, freshly shaven if available
  • 2 1/5 L cold water, preferably soft water
  • 4 Tbsp Strauss unsalted butter
  • High quality Japanese white soy sauce, to taste

Rinse the vegetables in cold water to remove any dirt. Peel car rots, kohlrabi, daikon and turnips, then submerge in cold water to cover. Cut all peeled vegetables into 1 1/2 inch obliques or roughly the same size as the peeled turnips for even cooking.


Remove the vegetables from the water. One variety at a time, cook over low heat with a little broth, in a covered Le Creuset or stainless pan, until just tender.

Remove each vegetable when done and set aside until entire batch is complete. Repeat the process with all the other vegetables except the rabes.

Once complete, add all of the just cooked vegetables to a pot with the remaining cooking broths, bonito broth and butter just to cover. Season to taste with the white soy, usually less is more here.

Heat gently until all the vegetables are hot. In the meantime cook the f lowering rabes as instructed below.

Heat a stainless s pan over med high heat with a little olive oil. When hot, add the rabes to the pan and do not move. Lower the heat to medium low and season with fleur de sel. When the rabes are golden on one side and crisp, gently turn over and cook until just done, roughly 1 minute. Set aside.


Mix the vegetables in their broth well to evenly distribute the butter, and pour into a bowl with the broth coming half way up the vegetables. Place the caramelized rabes on top and season with a few drops of Meyer lemon juice. Place a few petal s of seasonal flower s on top. Serve.